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Alumni Lab

The school continues to be proud of its unique heritage, and we firmly believe that it is vital to give

the students of today the chance to be inspired by their predecessors. We are fortunate to have

many scientists, technologists and innovators amongst our Alumni, and will ensure that the

expertise of former students is embedded within the Discovery Centre through our 'Alumni

Lab', which celebrates alumni achievements and connects today’s students with those from previous


If you would like to visit the Alumni Lab to give a talk to students on a science subject or to share your career story, please contact us!

We are still accepting donations towards the Alumni Lab; if you would like to know more, please read our Alumni Lab booklet  which includes a donation form. If you are interested in becoming a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Sponsor of the Alumni Lab, you can find further details in our Sponsorship Proposal.



 "We would like to invite Old Latins to join us in funding a lab purely via

our contributions. Whether you can donate £10 or £10,000, by joining

together we can make a big commitment to the Discovery Centre and to the

next generation of scientists and innovators at RLS."

 Denise Griffiths (1980), Julian Thomas (1986) & Jade Thomas (1992)















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