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Corporate partners

An education which balances traditional heritage, high expectations and a global outlook with a learning environment designed to push the very limits of young people's capabilities. Impressive.

You have a real opportunity to help us achieve this – and enable us to help other schools to do the same.

The success of this campaign will depend on significant capital investments at the highest level, as well as on the goodwill and generosity of many individuals and organisations. On people like you.

We are seeking corporate partners who share our values and ambitions, and who are genuinely interested in forging a meaningful charitable partnership.

You may know the school well and wish to support the campaign in recognition of all that the school has given you and your family. Or you may have no association with the school, but simply recognise the quality of our proposition and the benefit of aligning with us at such an exciting time. Either way, we hope that you, or the organisation you represent, will consider making an important contribution to one of the phases of our campaign.

Please take a good look around our website, and contact us to explore how you can play your part in the 600 Campaign.

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